Resolving Child Custody, Visitation And Paternity Disputes

Every child deserves financial, emotional and physical security. At the Law Office of Kimberly Humphrey, LLC, in Kansas City, Missouri, we take our role in protecting the safety and welfare of children seriously. We work hard to resolve family law issues such as custody, visitation and paternity quickly and efficiently, with as little impact upon your children as possible.

Do I Need To Establish Paternity For My Children?

For unmarried parents, establishing paternity is essential to collecting child support and arranging custody. Paternity can be established by mutual agreement, with both parents signing and filing a document acknowledging paternity. When paternity is disputed, a DNA test can be conducted as part of a legal process, concluding in a court order stating whether the man is the child's biological father.

In both cases, the legal establishment of paternity grants parental rights and responsibilities to the father. This requires them to pay child support and entitles them to pursue visitation or custody. Our firm can assist you with the process of establishing paternity and ensuring that your child receives the support they need.

Helping You Negotiate Child Custody And Visitation

Legal custody centers on the right to make decisions about your child's upbringing in matters such as health and education, while physical custody refers to where the child will live and involves setting a schedule for the child to spend time with both parents.

At our firm, an attorney will work with you to develop and agree upon a parenting plan. In Missouri, the law favors joint custody, which enables both parents to influence their child's upbringing and maintain meaningful contact with their child.

In certain situations, sole custody is an option; if granted, parenting time or visitation rights will usually be awarded to the other parent. Grandparents can also pursue visitation rights to their grandchildren through legal channels. We can help you to understand your legal rights and assist you in negotiating custody agreements.

Make The Right Decisions For Your Children — Contact Us Today

Your child's future safety, security and happiness are of paramount importance. Although modifications can be made under certain circumstances, custody arrangements are not easily altered, so it is vital to consider every detail before finalizing an agreement.

An experienced family lawyer can help you to work through your options and create a lasting plan for your children's future. Schedule an appointment or call 816-452-2720 today.